"For people who want to file a complaint, but don't know how to get started...

"If You Can Fill-In-The-Blanks, Then Here's How You Can Quickly And Easily Create Powerful Complaint Letters That Get You The Refunds, Apologies And Compensations You Want... In Just 3 Minutes Flat,

Best Part: These dynamite "instant" complaint letter templates, and the simple step-by-step "ultimate complaint guide", are yours FREE, if you choose...

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By Michael Murray       

Dear Friend,        

If you have been ripped off or treated unfairly, then here's a surefire way to get the refunds, apologies and compensations you want.

     There's a "secret weapon" that gets you the compensations you deserve, from the people or companies that have wronged you. This secret weapon is the simple complaint letter. But NOT just any complaint letter.

     You see, most people write their complaint letters all wrong. As a result, the companies and organizations they are complaining to either trash their complaints... ignore them completely... or... give them the runaround. That's why most people get zero results (and a ton of frustration) with their complaint letters.

     But don't worry... because once you know these secrets you're about to discover here, and use the simple (but powerful) complaint letter templates I'm about to give you, you can be getting results like this:

The Amazing True Story Of
How An 11-Year-Old Girl From Texas Made A Billion-Dollar Company Tremble With Fear... With Just A Simple Complaint Letter

     Tiffany Lambert was an 11-year-old girl from Texas. One day, her father bought her a 12-pack of Coke. But she was disappointed to find a few of the sealed, unopened cans were empty.

     So, Tiffany wrote a simple complaint letter to Coca-Cola (using the exact same secrets you're about to discover here).

     Within one week, Coca-Cola sent a delivery driver to her door... with...

A Whole Truckload Of Cokes For Her Family... As Compensation!

     Why am I telling you this true story? Because I want you to know the power of the complaint letter secrets and templates I'm about to show you.

     If an 11-year-old girl can take on a billion-dollar company, and get this kind of results from a simple complaint letter... so can you.


     You're about to discover secrets like...

Exactly who to send copies of your complaint letters to... to light a fire under their butt and make sure they tend to your complaints immediately.

(No, these are NOT the "obvious" ones everyone thinks about. Most people get this all wrong... which guarantees they'll fail even before they start.)

How to phrase your complaint letters to communicate, in no uncertain terms, that you know what you're doing... without threatening to sue. (And, why threatening a lawsuit can backfire on you.)

How to build "power bridges" into your complaint letters, so the people who get your letter know you're not someone to be messed with.

How to deliver "knockout punch" follow-ups if they ignore your first complaint letter (that will make them pee in their pants, drop everything and scramble to compensate you... the very moment they get your follow-up.)

Best Part: You
Won't Even Have To
Write Anything Yourself!

     Because I'll give you the exact fill-in-the-blank templates you need... with the above "dynamite phrases", "power bridges" and "knockout punch" follow-ups already built-in for you... so you can quickly and easily zip out your powerful complaint letters in just 3 minutes flat, without writing!

STOP Getting Bullied By "Fat Cat"
Companies And Dishonest Scumbags...
You CAN Fight Back And Make Them PAY!

     You see, the reason so many unscrupulous companies and dishonest people dare to rip you off treat you unfairly is... simply because... they know most people have no idea how to fight back. So these big bullies get away with it over and over again.

     That's why I've put together a special toolkit for people like you and me, who are sick and tired of being wronged. So anyone can quickly and easily fight back against these big bullies, and make them PAY dearly for treating us unfairly.

The Instant Complaint Letters Toolkit

Quickly And Easily Creates
Powerful Complaint Letters
That Get You Refunds, Apologies And Compensations... In Just 3 Minutes Flat,
Without Writing!

     I've invested thousands of dollars of my own money to create a brand new complaint letter "toolkit" called The Instant Complaint Letters Toolkit.

     Remember the story of Tiffany Lambert -- the little girl who wrote the complaint letter to Coca-Cola, that I told you earlier?

     That was a true story. Tiffany is grown up now, and she's a professional writer and the president of her own writing company.

     Over the years, Tiffany has discovered many, many more inside secrets and strategies of creating powerful complaint letters that get you what you want. That's why I turned to Tiffany for her expertise, to help me create the Instant Complaint Letters Toolkit.

So, What's In This Toolkit?

     First, you get a collection of over 55 dynamite pre-written complaint letter templates. Every one of these fill-in-the-blank templates was professionally written by Tiffany herself... and Tiffany has built-in and applied the secrets she's discovered into every one of these templates.

     What this means to you is, all you have to do is fill-in-the-blanks, and voila! You have a kick-butt complaint letter right in front of you, that is guaranteed to get results... without writing a word yourself!

     Why are there over 55+ different complaint letter templates in your Toolkit? The reason is simple. It's because through Tiffany's extensive research, she found that there are many different types of situations that people have complaints about... situations that need to be handled differently.

     There is NO "one-size-fits-all" complaint letter template that fits all situations. (And anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you.)

     However, Tiffany also found that these 55+ complaint letter templates cover over 97% of all complaint situations. And, even for the remaining 3%, there is at least one of these templates that is an extremely close match, and can be applied to that situation with only very minor "common sense" adaptation.

     Yes, it turns out that 97% of all complaints fit one (or more) of these complaint letter templates so perfectly... YOUR complaint will match up with (at least) one of these templates so perfectly, you will be able to steal and use those power documents outright, just as if they were created specially for you... with only very minor adaptation (if any) necessary!

Please Pay Attention To This Point:

     I get many people asking me if the Instant Complaint Letters Toolkit applies to this situation, that situation, each believing their situation to be so different it must not be included. So, to repeat: 97% of all complaints are covered by this Toolkit! For most people, at least one category is such a perfect match, there's instant application with little or no creative adaptation required.

     So, no matter what complaint you have, you are practically guaranteed to find at least one template in your Toolkit that will match your situation, that you can use instantly. Click here for just a partial list of the different complaint situations covered by this toolkit (the list will open in a pop-up window).

Here's How To Create
Instant Complaint Letters
With Your Toolkit, In
Just 3 Simple Steps:


Open the complaint letter template that best fits your situation. (Simply click on the template to open it.)

2. Fill in a few simple blanks about your situation.

3. Push "print" to print out your complaint letter -- and you're all set!

     Yes, it really is that simple. And if you ever have any problems, I'll be standing by to help!

For Example: Let's say you and your family go out to a restaurant for breakfast. The service is poor and the food isn't up to your standard. You complain to the manager, but all he does is offer a lame apology... or, even worse, he's rude to you.

All you have to do is go home and take 3 minutes to open up the Restaurant Template, fill in a few details and send it out to the people we specify in your toolkit. Then, wait for a full refund of your bill.

Simple, yes?

     WARNING: These are very powerful templates. Please use them only if you were ripped off, wronged, or treated unfairly -- please do NOT abuse them.

     But wait... there's more!

     You see, sometimes certain companies may not take your first letter seriously, because they assume you won't persist.

     So, if that happens... and the recipient refuses to comply with your demands within a reasonable amount of time (as outlined in your first complaint letter)... then that's when you send them a...

"Knockout Punch"
Follow-Up Letter!

     Yes, included in your Toolkit are fill-in-the-blank templates for your "knockout punch" follow-up letters as well. (There are actually 2 instant complaint letter templates for each topic -- a first letter and a followup letter.)

     The follow-up letter shows more teeth, and informs them of the actions you'll take against them if they still refuse to resolve your complaint.

     It lets them know -- in no uncertain terms -- that you know what you're doing... you're not someone to be messed with... and... you're prepared to go all the way (even if you really aren't)... to make them pay dearly if they don't comply.

     (This is when you'll see people fly into "emergency mode" and trip over themselves to tend to your complaint... and they won't be able to sleep at night until they've made 100% sure you're fully satisfied.)

     But that's not all you get in your Instant Complaint Letters Toolkit. Not by a long shot!

     You also get a 50-page reference e-book, titled:

"The Consumer Complaint Toolkit:
The Ultimate Guide to Creating
Effective Complaint Letters
That Get Results"

     It reveals ALL the secrets of how to write complaint letters that get noticed.

     Now, most likely the complaint letter templates alone are more than enough for you to get your complaints resolved beyond your satisfaction. So this e-book is basically for your reference purposes only... if you're interested in knowing WHY the complaint letter templates in your Instant Complaint Letters Toolkit are so powerful and effective.

     You can read the e-Book staright from your computer... or... you can also print it out to read it if you like.

     You'll learn secrets such as...

Why a phone call complaint may seem easier than writing a letter, but will almost doom your chances at getting results (Chapter 1)

Why companies become hostile to people who complain, and how to avoid it! (Chapter 2)
Why "Less is More" with complaint letters. Know when to personalize your message and when to just stick to the facts (Chapter 2)

How to prepare yourself for dealing with complaints before they even arise (and specific examples for some of the most popular categories where complaints pop up - Car buying, Travel, Computers, & More)! (Chapter 3)

How to make sure the right person is reading your complaint (Chapter 4)

9 places you can send a carbon copy of your letter to that have the authority to handle consumer complaints, and how to let the original recipient know that you sent a copy to them. You better believe that they'll resolve your complaint once they see who else has a copy of the letter! (Chapter 4)

How thinking like a lawyer will get you results like a lawyer (Chapter 5).

Why you should know exactly what you want before writing your complaint letter (Chapter 5)

The 4 key elements every complaint letter needs. Leave any one of these out and you're basically wasting your time (Chapter 5)

15 "magic" keywords and phrases you can include in your complaint letter that will scare the pants off the person reading it (And no, "sue" is not one of them). Throw in a couple of these and the recipient will know how serious you are (Chapter 5)

A comparison of 5 good and bad complaint letters. You'll see an actual letter, reasons for why it's ineffective, and how to improve it. Learning by example is the best way to learn! (Chapter 6)

How to make sure your letter is put above the rest in the complaint pile! (Chapter 7)

What Mary Poppins can teach us about how to deal with customer service departments (Chapter 8)

Phrases you can use to elicit empathy and sympathy from the person you're writing to (Chapter 8)

A 5-step system on what to do if your complaint letter doesn't get the results you want (Chapter 9)

Learn how to threaten legal action against a company the right way. Forget about Small Claims Court. They have expensive lawyers who eat small consumers like you for lunch... Everyday! (Chapter 9)

Learn what strikes fear into the heart of companies. Knowing what scares them is the key to getting your response handled (Chapter 10)

And much, much more...

Alright, So How Much Does This
Instant Complaint Letter Toolkit Cost?

     What if I told you it costs you NOTHING? By many standards, that's absolutely true.

     Look, you could try to write your complaint letter yourself. How much time would it take you to research and learn how to write the letter... and then get past your "writers block"... and... write the letter from scratch, all by yourself? 5 hours? 10 hours? Probably much more? How much is your time worth?

     (And you wouldn't even be sure if you did it right. You might get nothing in return for all that time and effort. Why put yourself through all that frustration?)

     Why not do it the smart way? Simply download your Instant Complaint Letters Toolkit, open the template you want, and fill in a few simple blanks. 3 minutes later, you're done. You have your dynamite complaint letter that's guaranteed to get results. The compensation you get the very first time you do anything with your toolkit can easily pay for your toolkit many times over.

     So your Instant Complaint Letters Toolkit literally pays for itself, the very first time you use any ONE of your complaint letter templates!

     Or, look at it this way. A lawyer will charge you anywhere from $185 to $325 (or more) just to write ONE such complaint letter for you. If you want a follow-up letter, that's another couple hundred bucks.

     You're getting 55+ instant complaint letter templates in your toolkit. Even at the low estimate of $185 per letter, that's at least $10,175 value you're getting in your Instant Complaint Letters Toolkit.

     But I'm not going to ask for anywhere near that amount. You can download your Instant Complaint Letters Toolkit at the low price of just $49.95. (That's even less than what you'd pay for a lunch meeting with a lawyer!)

     Important Note: Because I've just recently released the Instant Complaint Letters Toolkit, I'm still eager to generate testimonials for it. That's why, if you are among the next 50 31 people to claim your Instant Complaint Letter Toolkit, you can download your Toolkit at a deeply discounted price of just $19.95. That's 60% less than what everyone else has to pay.

     All I ask in return is this: I want you to write to me with your success story after you use your Toolkit, so I can use your success story as a testimonial. Fair?

Plus, You Also Get These
Fast-Action Bonuses For
FREE If You Act Today:

Fast-Action Bonus #1: Directory Of State Consumer Offices (With Full Addresses)
(A $39.95 Value -- Yours FREE)

     Let me give you just one quick little secret in advance, from your Instant Complaint Letters Toolkit.

     You can send a copy of your complaint letter to certain people who are in a position of authority (such as the Attorney General, as well as others you'll learn about in your Instant Complaint Letters Toolkit), to put pressure on the people you're complaining to.

     But the problem is, where do you find the addresses for these authorities?

     That's why I've put together a directory of the mailing addresses for consumer offices in all 50 U.S. states. So you have these addresses handy at the tip of your fingers, and you can easily copy and paste these addresses onto your letters, mailing labels, or anywhere else you want.

     Included in your directory are the addresses of the Attorney General and the state Consumer Protection Office in every state. Some states have more consumer offices, but every state has at least those two.

     This directory will save you a huge amount of time if you ever have to send a letter to these offices.

Fast-Action Bonus #2: What To Do In The Rare Cases Where Complaint Letters Don't Work
(A $29.95 Value -- Yours FREE)

     Most likely, the complaint letter templates alone in your Instant complaint Letters Toolkit are more than enough to get you complaint resolved to your complete satisfaction.

     However... in very, very rare cases... some stubborn companies simply refuse to budge, over even the best complaint letters in the world.

     If that ever happens to you (very unlikely), the tips and secrets in this guide will teach you how you can fight back against the people who ignore your complaints.

Fast-Action Bonus #3: Writing Success Secrets - Practical Tips and Tricks for Everyday Writing
(A $19.95 Value -- Yours FREE)

     Shaun Fawcett is a Canadian based writer, business consultant, journalist, and publisher who has 25 years of professional writing experience. His latest work, Writing Success Secrets, is a comprehensive "how-to" eBook designed to help people with their everyday writing tasks.

     You will NOT need this book for creating your complaint letters, because the simple fill-in-the-blank templates in your Instant Complaint Letters Toolkit are more than enough for that purpose.

     However, there are probably other areas of your life where the tips in this e-book will prove very valuable to you. This e-book is designed to help you with any writing you do in your everyday life -- including: resume writing, personal letters, business letters, business reports, recommendation and reference letters, resignation letters, writer's block, writing tools, college admission essays and personal statements, and much, much more.

Fast-Action Bonus #4: Lifetime Updates To Your Instant Complaint Letters Toolkit
(A $19-per-year Value -- Yours FREE)

     I constantly update the Instant Complaint Letters Toolkit with new tips and secrets, and add new complaint letter templates as well as new bonuses. You will receive ALL future updates, for life... so you never have to worry about any of this information or templates going out-of-date.

     That means you can go back to your Instant Complaint Letters Toolkit whenever you need a complaint letter for any situation, even 20 years from now. You will never have to worry about getting ripped off or taken advantage of again, because you have this powerful secret weapon to fall back on, every time.

     That's a total $108.85 worth of FREE bonuses you get, when you order your Instant Complaint Letters Toolkit today!

     But it gets better still... I insist you try out your Instant Complaint Letters Toolkit at MY risk. So here's my guarantee to you:

90-Day, Iron-Clad,
Better-Than-Risk-Free Guarantee

     If you follow the simple, easy instructions in the Instant Complaint Letters Toolkit, and use any of the complaint letter templates in the toolkit, I personally guarantee you will get the refunds, apologies and compensations you deserve, and your complaint will be resolved satisfactorily. Otherwise, just send me a copy of the exact complaint letter you used, and...

  1. You get to keep the entire Instant Complaint Letters Toolkit and all $108.85 worth of bonuses, and...

  2. I will personally refund your entire investment, plus...

I'll Even Pay You An Extra
$10 (Out of My Own Pocket)
For All Your Trouble!

     Let me take this guarantee one step further. Don't feel like you "must" use the toolkit to get a refund (that's only if you want the extra $10 compensation).

     If you don't like the Instant Complaint Letters Toolkit for ANY reason (it can be because you don't like the name of the toolkit)... or even NO reason at all...

     ...then just let me know (at ) anytime within the next 90 days, and you will get a 100% refund of your purchase price. No questions asked.

     Plus, even if you decide to get a refund...

You Can Still Keep The Entire
Instant Complaint Letters Toolkit
And ALL The Bonuses For Your Trouble!

     Why am I doing this? The answer is simple. You see, I know these complaint letter templates will work for you. There is not a doubt in my mind.

     But, since you don't know me... and... because I know you may be skeptical, I figured this would be a good way to put your mind at ease.

     Look, there are many people out there who sell products and services on writing complaint letters. But NONE of them dare to put their money where their mouth is and match my guarantee.

     (And I do honor all my guarantees. My physical home address is 1842 Branchwater Trail, Orlando, FL 32825, USA. I'm not going anywhere.)

     So, get your Instant Complaint Letters Toolkit today. Remember, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. There is no way you can "get taken". I am the one taking all the risk. If my toolkit doesn't deliver, I'm the one who eats his shirt -- not you.


Michael Murray                     

Note: To view his guarantee in a pop-up window you can print out for your records, click here.

     Look, at this point you have a few options:

     You can hire a lawyer to write your complaint letter for you, and pay a bare minimum of $185 for just ONE complaint letter. (And if you want a follow-up letter, you'd have to cough out another $185.) Not only is this option very expensive, you will NOT get any kind of a guarantee from your lawyer. And if you get ripped off again by other companies in the future, you'd have to pay those expensive fees over and over again.

     Another option is to forget about writing your complaint letter altogether. Just accept your loss... and swallow your anger, your pride and your dignity. And accept that you'll get ripped off over and over again in the future... and every time, you'll just have to take crap from those bullies, and not be able to do anything about it.

     But why let the "fat cats" and big bullies have that kind of power over you... when it's so easy for you to fight back, once you have your Instant Complaint Letters Toolkit?

     Your third option is to try to write your complaint letter yourself. You'd have to spend hours and hours researching on how to write a good complaint letter, and trying to separate all the B.S. out there from the real useful information.

     (There IS a lot of MIS-information floating out there on how to write a complaint letter... especially on the internet. And most of the people trying to teach you "how to write complaint letters" have NEVER gotten results with their own complaint letters before. REAL experts like Tiffany, who have gone up against billion-dollar companies like Coca-Cola and gotten real-world results with their complaint letters, are extremely rare.)

     And then you'd have to sit down and try to get past your own writers block, and write your own complaint letter from scratch. And even after putting in all that time and effort, you still don't know if you did it the right way... and you might end up with zero results, with all that time and energy gone down the drain.

     But why put yourself through all that frustration? Especially when all these problems can be solved, fast and forever, once you have your Instant Complaint Letter Toolkit?

     Just imagine...

3 minutes from now, you could be holding your dynamite complaint letter that's ready-to-go... and guaranteed to get you the refunds, apologies and compensations you're after!

     When you look at it this way, you'll see that claiming your Instant Complaint Letters Toolkit today is... by far... the best option for you.

     Don't you think you owe it to yourself to claim your Instant Complaint Letters Toolkit NOW?

     Just imagine how powerful you'd feel when you have your Instant Complaint Letters Toolkit in your hands... and you know for a FACT that if any company (or anyone) ever dares to rip you off or treat you unfairly... you can simply whip out a dynamite complaint letter in 3 minutes flat and make them feel very, very sorry they ever treated you that way!

You Will Never... Ever...
Have To Take Crap
From Anyone Again!

     So get your Instant Complaint Letters Toolkit today. It's easy to claim your toolkit today at the low investment of just $49.95 ($19.95 if you are among the next 50 31 people to order).

     Simply click here to place your secure and discrete order. Your order will be processed by a company called ClickBank. (We decided to go this way because this gives you the greatest security possible when using your credit card online.)

     Once your order is processed, you will immediately receive your simple download instructions. So you can be using your Instant Complaint Letters Toolkit in the next few minutes.


Michael Murray                     

     P.S. Your Toolkit contains literally EVERYTHING you'll ever need to quickly and easily create powerful complaint letters that get results, in just 3 minutes, without writing a single word. All you need to do is fill in a few simple blanks.

     I guarantee it will save you an enormous amount of time and frustration... and get you the refunds, apologies and compensations you want... no matter what the situation you're complaining about. So click here to get your Instant Complaint Letters Toolkit now.

     P.P.S. There are lots of "phony experts" trying to sell you products and services about complaint letters... but almost NONE of them have gotten real-world results with their complaint letters before. Only Tiffany has gone up against billion-dollar companies like Coca-Cola with her complaint letters... and gotten incredible real-world results. So you know you're getting the REAL DEAL when you claim your Instant Complaint Letters Toolkit today.

     And that's why I dare to offer you my better-than-risk-free guarantee (which NONE of my competitors dares to match): You WILL get results with your Toolkit, or I'll refund you every penny PLUS I'll pay you an extra $10 out of my own pocket. And, you still get to keep the entire toolkit and all the FREE bonuses for your trouble.

     So you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Click here to order now.

     P.P.S. Remember, because I'm still eager to generate more testimonials for this Toolkit, you can get your Instant Complaint Letters Toolkit at 60% less than what everyone else has to pay if you are among the next 50 31 people to order. So take action and click here to order now, while it's still hot on your mind. Don't miss out on this limited offer and kick yourself later.

     P.P.P.S. Still undecided? Listen to what other people have to say about the Instant Complaint Letters Toolkit:

"The Templates Are Powerful
And Easy Yo Use"

"Great product Michael and Tiffany!


"The ebook covers all a person needs to know about writing effective complaint letters. The Templates are fantastic, the first letter will definitely get their attention and if needed the follow up letter will have them nervously looking over their shoulder while quickly trying to give you what you want before the real trouble begins! Powerful and easy to use, what a great combination. Overall it's an incredible value, Thanks!"


- David Brand
Marysville, Washington

"Excellent Toolkit... Everything A Person Needs To File A Complaint"

"Dear Michael,

"Your Customer Complaint Toolkit is an excellent idea. Using the advice and sample letters you give should help even those most upset about their complaint. They have everything they need to complain, follow-up and get their problem resolved civily.

"You give excellent advice and providing the sample letters is a great touch. Nice selection too. I'd recommend it to everyone. It's great instruction on how to complain the right way to get a fair resolution."


- Debra Stiens
Statesville, North Carolina

"Clear, Step-By-Step Examples... Anyone Can Use This Toolkit And Make It Work!"

"The information found in Michael's ebook and his form letters are unlike anything I've seen. He not only takes you step-by-step on how to write a good complaint letter, he also gives very clear examples of what NOT to write. His tips show you how to best get what you are wanting out of a negative situation. Anyone can take this information and make it work for them!"


- Tricia Anderson
Beulah, Colorado




Michael Murray
1842 Branchwater Trail
Orlando, FL, 32825

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